The Lunch Date (1990)

The Lunch Date

★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2 out of 5

Directed by Adam Davidson

Imdb Link

A lady misses her train, and goes to the food court to get a salad to pass the time till the next train departs.

My English teacher decided to show me his two favorite short films, this and The Hockey Sweater, which I’ll talk about soon. For now, this is all about The Lunch Date, which I didn’t love, but I really did like it, and I think it’s a great example of how to do character development in a short film right. The film centers around a neurotic old lady who seems to have a fear of the homeless. She misses her train, gets a salad, goes to get a fork and returns to find that a homeless man is eating her salad. It’s a hilarious premise, and one that allows for a really solid amount of character development. Look at the old lady polishing her fork as she goes back to her table, telling us that she’s probably a very neurotic person, who is definitely a germaphobe, and watch her reaction to the homeless man eating her salad. Shocked, and hateful at first, but she gradually accepts it. My English teacher thinks that the old lady doesn’t change over the course of The Lunch Date, but I have to disagree. I think that we start to see the beginning of a character arc, and her acceptance of other people. In the end of The Lunch Date though, I didn’t find myself absorbed into the film. I think that it’s a fantastic short film, and one that should be studied when looking at short films, but it’s not one that I would say I got enough enjoyment out of to say that it’s among my favorites.


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