Everything & Everything & Everything (2014)

Everything & Everything & Everything

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ out of 5

Directed by Alberto Roldán

Starring Shane Carruth as Morgan

Imdb Link

A man’s boring life becomes exciting when a strange blue pyramid that produces doorknobs appears in his apartment.

Now this was a freaking masterpiece. I don’t even know how it did it, but somehow a short film about doorknob selling businesses and magical blue pyramids is now one of my favorite movies of the year. This short film is beautiful in every way, and brimming with clever ideas and subtle themes. For one, the camerawork is spectacular, it looks better than most movies that have come out recently because of it’s really natural, yet magical feel. The lighting design stays simple, and it relies more on the camera angles than anything. The storyline is incredibly simple, but it’s so original that you know the filmmaker must have been the first person to think of the idea. It’s a metaphor for capitalism using magic and doorknobs. It works incredibly well. Then of course it’s seamlessly edited and really well directed. But my favorite part of the film has to be (yes I know it’s not directed by Shane Carruth simply starring him, but…) the way that, like Primer and Upstream ColorEverything X3 is so layered with themes and ideas that you could watch it over and over and keep finding new things. This will hopefully at least get a best live action short film nod at the Oscars, if not a win, it deserves it. What an incredible film.


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