Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

Hot Tub Time Machine

★ ★ 1/2 out of 5

Directed by Steve Pink

Starring John Cusack as Adam

Rob Corddry as Lou

Craig Robinson as Nick

Clark Duke as Jacob

Imdb Link

A group of friends go to a ski resort where they spent some of the best days of their youth only to find the resort nearly deserted. They get in a hot tub one night, fall asleep, and wake up the next morning in 1986. One of the weekends when they were at the resort.

An often incredibly funny, but just as often incredibly dumb movie. Hot Tub Time Machine is better than what you’d expect from something with this title, but worse than what you’d expect from all the great reviews and enormous praise you hear about it. The way some people treat this movie is as if it’s something you don’t see every day. Which it is. Hot Tub Time Machine is a perfectly decent stupid studio comedy. It’s so perfectly decent that it blends right in with the crowd of other stupid studio comedies. Everything at play here we’ve seen before, the script is formulaic, the jokes are routine (for the most part), the situations feel familiar to us just as everything is familiar to the characters in the film. We see this movie pretty much whenever we go out to see a studio produced comedy movie at any multiplex. That’s not to say it’s not funny, it’s just not original in any way. I thought the movie was hilarious, in particular I loved Craig Robinson’s dead pan stare into the camera after his delivery of “It must be some kind of… hot tub time machine”. As well as the whole ending sequence, which while it doesn’t make sense logically, it’s hilarious. The end is probably the only part of the film that doesn’t feel like a retread of every other comedy made in the last five years. Even though it really makes no sense when you put any thought in, it’s creative and makes you laugh. Which is what’s important. Still though, I feel like this movie was just a bit of a cliché.


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