Hercules (1997)


★ ★ 1/2 out of 5

Directed by Ron Clements & John Musker

Starring Tate Donovan as Hercules

Danny DeVito as Phil

Susan Egan as Meg

Imdb Link

A young Greek God, Hercules, is kidnapped by Hades; lord of the underworld’s minions, and stripped of his godlike powers. He then becomes the greatest hero of all time, training with a faun named Phil, and stopping Hades evil plans.

Disney musicals usually go one of two ways for me. Either I love them, or I dislike them. It all depends on the music for me, if I want one of these animated musicals to be worthwhile, the music has to be worth listening to. Unfortunately, Hercules never met this criteria for me, so it falls into category number two. I disliked it. I’ll say some of the things I loved about the film first; the animation was, almost always really great looking. I say almost always because of the scene with the Hydra, which has the most uneven animation I have ever seen. But other than that scene, the animation of the film was always charming. Also, the song, “Go the Distance” is one of my favorite Disney songs ever. I know, I know, I said the music was subpar, but Go the Distance is an exception. It’s the one good song in the film. Now onto some of the bads. Like I said, the music (minus Go the Distance) was very mediocre. I hated the use of gospel music in the film. I get what they were trying to do, in making a parallel between modern religious music, and ancient Greek faith. But it didn’t work in my opinion. I’m not a fan of gospel music really, it’s not my thing, so hearing a whole film packed with it obviously wasn’t for me. The plot was paper thin, and to be honest, they had a much better story to work with if they actually stuck to using a legitimate Hercules story. Coming up with an evil Hades take over that only Hercules could stop felt so clichéd. Like it was turning Hercules into just another “I’m gonna save the entire world” hero. A type of hero that’s waring thin. It had solid potential as a Disney movie, but the way they did it leaved a lot to be desired. It’s a subpar Disney movie, but at least it gave the world Go the Distance.


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