The Book of Eli (2010)

the book of eli - showdown

The Book of Eli

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ out of 5

Directed by The Hughes Brothers

Starring Denzel Washington as Eli

Gary Oldman as Carnegie

Mila Kunis as Solara

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Eli (Denzel Washington) roams the post apocalyptic wasteland with a sacred book, heading west.  He is stopped by the leader of a small town, Carnegie (Gary Oldman) who tries to take the book from him, and use it for his own, evil purposes.

Well, I’ve just added a film to my list of guilty pleasures.  The Book of Eli is a film that I loved, but no one else seems to love it.  I thought it was delightfully cheesy, badass, and had some excellent themes, all of it amounting to a film that may not rank up as a masterpiece, but as a fun action movie, it is one of the best.  The Book of Eli is part of a genre I like to call “New Westerns”, instead of being set in the old, wild west, The Book of Eli is a western set in a new wild west, a wild west after the end of the world.  This genre needs to kick off more I feel, a western in a sci-fi setting makes for some really interesting possibilities.  The production values of this film were amazing as well.  It looked so spectacular.  The production design was brilliant, the sets, the costumes, the whole world that was created for this film is something to marvel at.  The camerawork is incredible, it looks like something off the pages of a comic book.  Like the visuals in Sin City or Sucker Punch (minus all the things I didn’t like about those films.)  The film had an overall gray tone that looked gritty and fit it perfectly.  Another reason I love this movie is because of the overall vibe of it.  It feels like a cheesy seventies B-Movie at a lot of times. Except with really great production.  Then there’s all the brilliant fight scenes.  The fight scene in the tunnel near the beginning of the film blew my mind.  Really all the fight scenes were brilliant.  It was just a fun and really badass movie altogether.  Then we have the substance part of the film, and yes, this may be a film with a lot of style, but I think it has equal substance.  Now I’m not religious at all. But I found the religious themes in the film to be excellent.  It was not saying that religion is bad, or religion is good.  It says that depending on what purpose it’s used for, it can be either.  When used for evil, religion can destroy the world, as shown by the apparent apocalyptic war caused by Christianity.  It can also help save the world, but only if used right.  I also love the fact that it didn’t just center on Christianity.  One of the final shots of the film being the bible place beside the Torah and the Koran, showing that all beliefs were important.  And I really like that.  I also thought the twist was creative, and really well hinted at through the film.  Just overall, this is a new guilty pleasure of mine.  It was so fun to watch, really well done, and had some good messages to it. I may not recommend it to all, but it’s definitely something I loved.


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